Here are the news, tips & tricks I learned from the 2017 RStudio Conference in Kissimmee, Florida. I am updating this blog throughout the conference. I hope you’ll come back to see the latest!

Jan 14, 3:31 PM:
Productivity tips for using R Notebooks, from RStudio software engineer Jonathan McPherson’s presentation:

  • There’s a new outline view for Notebooks in RStudio: Look for an icon at the top right or use ctrl-shift-O.
  • A notebook’s progress bar doubles as a navigation bar to take you to the chunk that’s currently running.
  • If you want to make a notebook more reproducible – restart R and run all chunks
  • You can customize keyboard shortcuts in newer versions of RStudio. Go to Tools > Modify Keyboard Shortcuts. McPherson suggests making keyboard shortcuts for collapsing and expanding all notebook chunks.

Jan 14, 2:54 PM:
You can create websites with R using R Markdown and the relatively new blogdown package. It uses a static-site-generator called Hugo, which can be installed within R with the command blogdown::install_hugo.

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