CES, the former Consumer Electronics Show (although reporters have been told firmly that the name of the Las Vegas trade show is now CES and just CES) seems to be starting earlier and earlier. Once upon a time, most reporters marked the official beginning of the show by an event called CES Unveiled, a free-for-all where a multitude of vendors show their wares to a variety of reporters who, having nothing else to do that afternoon, crowd into a single large room like lemmings onto a cliff (although lemmings really don’t do that, but the imagery is apt, I think).

These days, however, a few companies are jumping the gun and offering previews of some of the products they are planning to introduce during CES. For example, Huawei today had an early afternoon press conference at which they introduced their mid-level Honor 6X phone, an update to the Honor 5X that they offered last year. One of the big draws of the 6X, besides its extremely reasonable $250 price, is the fact that it has two rear-facing cameras, a 12-megapixel and a 2-megapixel, one directly under the other.

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