Hello Kitty hack exposes 3.3 million users, joins Hello Barbie in putting kids at risk

It’s hard being a parent sometimes as even well-meaning actions such as buying kids toys can take a nasty turn caused by breaches and end up leaving the children exposed and vulnerable. In the last month, kids have been put at risk by hacks and database leaks related to Hello Kitty, Hello Barbie and VTech.

When it comes to toys, some parents opt to buy their children electronic educational toys; yet the VTech hack exposed data of nearly five million parents and over 200,000 records for kids, including thousands of photos of kids and parents as well as chat logs. Well this time it is the Hello Kitty database that has been compromised and leaked to expose the private information of 3.3 million users. Of those, it is unknown how many accounts belong to children. 

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