SpaceX wants to start 2017 off with a bang. 

Well, a launch, to be more specific. After a hiatus from rocket launches following the explosion of its Falcon 9 rocket in September, SpaceX has determined the reason for the accident and is finally planning new launches. 

In IT Blogwatch, we start the countdown. 

So what is happening? JC Torres has the details:

What should have been a glorious end to SpaceX‘s 2016 ended up in a blaze when, on 1st September, its Falcon 9 exploded…before it could get off the ground, taking Facebook’s first satellite down with it. Now four months later, SpaceX…having traced down the cause of that failed attempt…will once again try its luck on 8th January in an attempt to start the year right.

And what exactly does that mean? Lauren Kornfeld explains:

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