Ford has figured out what cars have been missing: Amazon integration.

Well, not exactly Amazon. Amazon’s Alexa, specifically. That is why they are bringing Amazon’s personal assistant to their cars, to help drivers with a variety of things that smart assistants can help with. 

In IT Blogwatch, we head out on the highway.

So what is going on? Alexandria Sage has the background:

Ford…is expanding the use of Amazon’s…Alexa personal assistant in its vehicles to allow drivers to talk to their cars — demanding anything from a nearby cheeseburger to a weather forecast — marking a leap by the…automaker to incorporate a technology initially targeted for home use.

The expanding alliance between Ford and Amazon…underscores the importance to both automakers and internet commerce companies of connecting consumers on the move to a richer array of digital services.

But what exactly does that mean? Tim Hardwick expands on what we know:

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